The world wide web of mainstream websites!

I have a very good idea, that is to talk about mainstream websites in general and not only something selected out of the big-box let’s say Alternative News & Media, but let’s talk about it in general because it is 72% of all the worlds websites present on the World Wide Web today.

media alternative

I brought in an expert, and you can also follow Thomas Cheng Twitter account and see what he has to say about new and innovating websites that are mostly for all ages and therefore they are not sexually explicit, they are not paid or too deep in politics, that’s why Thomas is now talking about websites for all ages and that’s why Thomas is talking now about websites that are considered to be mainstream.

Lately he mentioned MOAR News, unfortunately the website is once again under construction, however there are miles and miles of old articles that I found hysterical when reading, that I truly did enjoy the way that they bring the news, they are sarcastic, in some cases they can be rude and mean, however I do find it very entertaining the way that they bring the general news to the public about why I do agree with Thomas that you should visit this website when ever you get a chance.