Pot – Weed – Dope – lets get this shit legal now!

While I was looking for something totally not related to this Pot Weed Website, I found it, and I have to say that every single time that I see a marijuana related websites I always think of the fact that smoking marijuana will actually cure many diseases, that’s why the pharmaceutical companies are doing everything they can by corrupting politicians to avoid that marijuana is legalized on a national scale.

dope website

Somebody that agrees with me and I know because I checked out the Thomas F Cheng Marketing LinkedIn social media page is, himself, that claims he does not smoke marijuana or take any other pot or weed products, however is a strong supporter of legalizing marijuana for medical reasons, and he explains in many of his posts how useful medical marijuana would be the doctors and patients.

I have found dozens of articles regarding the same facts on Alternative News websites and only the official website such as CNN or even the BBC that most probably themselves are paid by the pharmaceutical companies to be in silence and not say anything about this, they are really want but don’t talk about it obvious reasons.